Sustainability and green

For in-depth information on sustainability aspects of this project, please view the related Sustainability case study in PDF.

Smart Green Strategies; Bright Green

Stone34 is designed to foster community connection to Seattle’s neighborhoods and its outdoors. This workplace by Skanska seeks to create a place in Seattle’s urban community that allows our market, customers and community to be successful.  Stone34 is designed to create a highly active ground plane with spaces and details that attract the community of runners, cyclists and workers.

Stone34 provides a business case for sustainability; where healthy, responsible and conscious living is possible when underwriting the risks of not pushing change; we do the hard work so our customer’s can experience the results to their bottom lines.

Stone34 is an intelligently designed office building that empowers both developer and future tenants to reduce energy consumption. Partners in designing, building and operating Stone34 are participating in the City of Seattle's Deep Green Pilot Program, employing a set of guidelines that encourage the use of sustainable strategies authored by the International Living Future Institute. To put it in familiar terms, this program establishes challenging criteria that goes beyond achieving LEED Platinum certification.

Stone34 is designed to use 75% less energy than typical buildings and capture nearly all water uses on-site. The building will be equipped with technology to inform occupants of their level of energy consumption – exhibiting that human awareness is the most effective way to reduce energy use. Stone34 isn't limited to green 'features' – our green systems are fully integrated with the building and occupants, resulting in a true partnership of humans and technology.

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