University of Washington, Husky Union Building Renovation and Expansion

Environmental aspects

Soil Erosion/Sediment Control: Control run-off of sediment and contaminants into nearby waterways by complying with the site Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. Controls include straw wattles, catch basin protection and covering exposed soils. Weekly inspections are conducted to ensure controls are adequate.

Resource and Waste Management: Reduce waste through recycling programs, targeting a minimum of 95 percent diversion from the landfill. Wastes are segregated as necessary (concrete, drywall, metal) and co-mingled for all other waste streams.

Machinery and Equipment/Fuel Storage and Delivery: Ensure all equipment onsite is properly maintained to prevent fuels and petroleum products from entering the ground and water. Fuel storage areas are maintained and controlled by Skanska.

Hazardous Materials: The demolition phase of this project required the removal of several hazardous materials (asbestos, lead paint, mercury-containing light bulbs, and PCB ballasts), which were handled by a specialty contractor. For the duration of the project, Skanska maintains a master Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) log for all hazardous materials on site.

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