Newtown Creek (35-G) North and North Central Batteries

Skanska USA Civil Northeast led the joint venture that was awarded this $680 million contract from New York City Department of Environmental Protection for a project to upgrade and expand the Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant, new York City's largest wastewater treatment facility and the second largest in the nation. This contract is one of many that have been let as part of the agency's upgrade of the facility, which has been undertaken in order to bring it into compliance with secondary treatment requirements mandated by the Clean Water Act. Secondary treatment is a biological treatment process, which will make the treated water being discharged into the East River cleaner. It is a modified step-feed process designed to provide treatment for an annual average flow of 310 mgd and a peak wet weather flow of 700 mgd. This will bring the plant into full compliance in a shorter timeframe.

The scope of work for the project included demolition and reconstruction of four existing aeration tanks and four sedimentation tanks at the Central Battery. Additionally, upgrades to twelve aeration and twelve sedimentation tanks in the Central and South Battery area were undertaken. The contract also required construction of new foundations and piers for support of air main and odor control piping at both locations. Work on the new North Battery tanks included construction of new grit and aeration tanks and sedimentation tanks. An influent feed system was also installed, which included four 96" encased piping as well as twelve 60” distribution pipes. The new North Battery tanks measure approximately 310,000 sq.-ft. and required over 100,000 cy of concrete for construction. A new 40,000 sq.-ft. control building was also constructed. The contract included pile driving activities, extensive support of excavation, dewatering and major concrete installation. Mechanical work included installation and procurement of eight new process air blowers in the existing main building and utility work throughout the construction area. Odor control systems, odor control tank covers, grit collection units, aeration and flow control systems were also installed. During excavation activities, soil samples were constantly tested for possible hazardous contamination and if necessary, removed. The upgraded Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant promises to be key a component in the City's plan to revitalize the East River waterfront in the outer boroughs.

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