As. Oy Espoon Reimantorni

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"On no site before there have been so many development projects that have so effectively boosted the basic know-how of the entire sector and residential construction in particular.” These are the words of the competition jury of the Finnish construction magazine Rakennuslehti, which chose the Reimantorni Residential Tower as its Construction Site of the Year in 2006. It was the first residential construction site to win in the 21-year history of the competition. The 18-story Reimantorni Tower in Espoo was completed in 2007. The basis for production planning and the focus of development work were customer feedback, risk management and Skanska’s five zero-tolerance goals: just-in-time schedule delivery with zero defects, zero accidents, zero ethical breaches, zero environmental incidents and zero loss-making projects. The team fulfilled all five. The extensive development work in conjunction with the project focused on such matters as production planning with employee participation and utilization of 4-D modeling, production control with the help of a product model, measurement of production reliability, development of in-situ construction and development and expansion of a resident Internet portal. Construction workers participated actively in these projects. This long-term development work produced excellent results, which will be put into use at Skanska’s other sites as well.

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