Wasserstein Hall, Caspersen Student Center, Clinical Wing Project, Harvard Law School


Skanska pioneered the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) on this project in 2006 when BIM was much less widely used than today. We used our own funds to create the 3-D model from 2-D drawings for the project’s first half; when Harvard saw the BIM model and the benefits it provided, they offered to pay for modeling the entire project. These models not only showed clashes and other issues, but they helped Harvard visualize design aspects that weren’t apparent on drawings. Additionally, a 4-D model was created by integrating the BIM model with the project schedule, revealing two places where the schedule could be shortened and money could be saved. Skanska’s dedication to cutting edge construction methods has not just improved the process for ourselves but improved the product for the client and significantly lowered initial costs.

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