Sports and Recreation Centre in Kórnik

Constructing the project

Centre in Kornik was done of the reinforced concrete structure. For its raw state we used of 4000 cubic meters of concrete, 700 cubic meters was used for the pool foundation slab. The roof has got the wooden construction with beams of glued timber. We installed 8 beams altogether with rangeability of 35 meters. Everything was covered with the troughed sweet. We have also installed the solar panels that provide warm water for the whole building.


Project in figures

  • developed area 3 432, 60 m²

  • total area 5 279 ,31 m²

  • usable area 4 607,23 m²

  • cubic capacity 39 592 m³

  • building height 12 m

  • sports pool dimensions 25 x 12,5 m, depth 1,4 - 2,2 m

  • training swimming pool dimensions 2,5 x 8 m, depth 1,25 m

  • 50-meter slide

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