District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority, New Headquarters Building

Sustainability and green

This project is targeting LEED Platinum certification.
The facility will include a heat recovery system utilizing the Pumping Station’s sewage waste stream as a heat source for the high-performance HVAC system, which is optimized for the heat recovery system output.

The project’s Energy Usage Intensity (EUI) design is initially targeting 23 Btu/square foot/year, well below conventional office buildings in the Washington, DC area. 100 percent of rainfall will be recovered onsite and utilized for non-potable usage – gray water use – in the Headquarters building. The entire DC Water campus landscape is being designed with native and naturalized species, selected for suitability to replace shoreline features with a natural water’s edge setting.

All building and site features are being designed to be low-to-no maintenance, easy to control, and durable. Our design-build team is working closely with DC Water to define commerciallyrecognized, valid strategies and technologies with readily available construction solutions for all aspects of the building and surrounding campus.

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