Springfield Data Center

  • Springfield Data Center

Skanska provided construction management at risk services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Data Center project in Springfield. The project includes the construction of a new two story, Tier 3 Data Center with full basement on the site of the former Springfield Technical High School. The building use is 20% office and associated use, 15% computer space, 55% mechanical services and 10% circulation and core requirements. In addition, the building accommodates a print and mail room, loading docks, staff work areas and building support systems. Part of the site is within Springfield’s Quadrangle Matoon Landmark Historic District. A portion of the 100 year old Technical High School occupies the site. The front elevation and approximately one window bay of return wall at the corners of the main facade of the building is included in the District and was preserved. The remaining parts of the High School were demolished to make way for the new data center, that abuts and uses substantial portions of the existing facade as one of its building walls. The remaining portion was reinforced to be free standing. The project was reviewed by the Massachusetts Historic Commission. Energy conservation and “green data center” practices were a key part of the project, which was also designed and constructed using BIM software. The project achieved LEED® Gold certification. One of the goals of the project was to achieve the highest sustainable standard possible. Project PUEs for the data center is 1.29. Energy cost savings of 21% and water reduction of 30%+. The building is made of steel frame construction with both curtain wall and rain screen wall systems. The project will allow for future internal expansion. As a result, the entire building of approximately 147,000-SF was constructed and a block of 20,000-SF is allocated for computer room growth. The phased occupancy accommodates 10,000-SF of computing area with an anticipated 100 watts per square foot design. The computer areas are scalable to 150 watts per square feet of future use. The data center facility will host a significant portion of the Commonwealth’s sensitive data for both business and private citizens.

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