Commissioning and Qualifications Support Services

  • Lilly del Caribe Birdseye

The 300,000-SF Eli Lilly bio-tech bulk manufacturing facility produces the rapid-acting insulin product Humalog, dispensed from the KwikPen (MirioPen), which is manufactured in Indianapolis. The plant in Carolina, Puerto Rico consists of five operational suites, media preparation area, fermentation suite, pre-purification, refolding suite and the downstream purification suite. Skanska is providing support services to the site for several projects. These services include: streamlined KPB and fermentation projects; urea dissolution prep; data center; centrifuge and WGC project; PRASA; AST lab expansion; fermentation pilot plant; HPLC; and HCL tanks. Skanska’s scope includes design qualification, process engineering, commissioning, construction quality, installation verification, as well as installation/operation/facilities qualification.

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