Owner’s Representative / Owner’s Engineer Services

PCI Skanska recognized the need to offer Owner’s Representative services to our clients more than 25 years ago. In today’s lean business environment, many organizations lack the internal resources or project management expertise to manage all aspects of capital investment projects. Our depth of knowledge from both design/engineering and construction perspectives, enables our team to successfully deliver projects while maintaining the client’s primary goals and objectives. We coordinate all aspects of your projects with an emphasis on effective communication and teamwork to assure they are within budget and on schedule.


Relationship based on trust

As your advisor and advocate at every step throughout the project, we empower you to stay focused on the day-to-day responsibilities of your core business. Our actions are guided by your goals and objectives at all times.

Diverse Experience

Diversity is a common theme throughout PCI Skanska’s history. We are experienced in providing Owner’s Representative services to clients spanning a wide range of markets and project types. We commonly work in a campus environment with a variety of building types including office, laboratory, warehouse, manufacturing and support facilities.

Seamless integration

Because of our diverse experience, we’ll adjust to your project standards, processes and project delivery culture. Our goal is to be an extension of your team.

Long Term Relationships

As our experience demonstrates, we are committed to maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients. Because we want to be your preferred supplier for years to come, PCI Skanska focuses on learning our clients’ business and operations in order to deliver successful projects.

Last updated: 12/4/2019