At Industrial Contractors Skanska, we believe that implementing a safety program that is embedded in the culture of the organization is paramount and benefits not only our team, but our partners, clients and subcontractors. A well-defined successful safety management program is one of the best indicators of a healthy project and we are committed to out-performing in the safety arena through our Care for Life approach.

In addition to a world class ISO 14001 and 45001-certified safety program focusing on compliance based practices and procedures, our core value of Caring for Life utilizes a proactive approach. This philosophy centers on:

  • Leading indicators versus the industry norm of lagging Indicators
  • Risk-reducing daily stretch and flex activities
  • Behavioral based observations
  • Peer-to-peer program where our employees voluntarily recognize each other with positive recognition through our I Care initiative

Our ultimate goal is for an incident free worksite where employees not only care about the safety of themselves but also for their co-workers, and that the Care for Life mindset becomes a part of their everyday lives.

Last updated: 10/2/2019