Stone34 - at the the intersection of Freemont and Wallingford, connecting the Burke Gilman Trail to the new headquarters for Brooks Sports

Stone34 is the pioneering project in Seattle's Deep Green Pilot program, a platform to encourage the use and acceptance of deeper, sustainable development strategies. Brooks chose Stone34 for its new world headquarters to connect to their customers and their community.

Green Metrics

Certification: LEED Platinum

  • 75% energy less energy than a standard office building
  • At least 50% of the rainwater captured will be reused onsite
  • Provides and advanced "thermal envelope to allow holding in warm air in winter and cool air in summer
  • Active chilled beams will be used to create a quieter, more comfortable heating and cooling system
  • The PCM [Phase Change Material] Tank cools the chill water more efficiently than traditional means
  • Believing that humans are motivated to reduce their environmental impact, Stone34 features a building management system that informs occupants of their energy usage

About the Area

Stone34 is a natural fit in the Fremont and Wallingford communitie in Seattle, two neighborhoods known for their dynamic and diverse personalities, dedication to the environment, and appreciation for innovative ideas.