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Letter to Skanska Colleagues

Mike McNally

Early this morning (Monday), Skanska AB announced significant management changes: I am retiring January 1; Rich Cavallaro is moving into my role and joining SET; and, Mike Cobelli becomes our new BUP for USA Civil.  Also, AB EVP and SET member Karin Lepasoon is leaving Skanska to spend more time with her family.  You can read the announcements here.

I’ve had the good fortune of working side by side with Rich for the last 6 years and he will be a great US CEO.  He has great business insight, is very strategic, and tells it like it is.  Rich has a great ability to see market opportunity and understands how we can collaborate as a team to leverage that opportunity.  Plus, he’s backed by strong leadership teams across our construction and development units.  And I’m confident that Mike Cobelli, who is already in the role of Civil’s Chief Operating Officer, will easily step into his new shoes as BUP.

While I’m only 59 years “young,” I promised my wife and my family that I would retire at 60. That was our deal.  I am always travelling and, on those rare occasions that I’m not, my family doesn’t even live in New York.  They have sacrificed a lot so I could work for the company that I love.
Skanska has the best people, the right culture, values that make a difference and high-quality skills that build lots of this country’s most important structures.  We build things that matter.  We are a company that takes care of our people, clients and communities.  We are making the world a better place.  That’s what makes us different.  That’s what makes us, in my view, the best construction and development company in the business.  

While it will be hard to move on in 4 months, I’m leaving at a time when Skanska is stronger than ever and I’m leaving it in good hands.  Bill, Mats and Karl are doing amazing things in their units and I am lucky to have worked with them.   While leadership is important, it’s all of you that really make Skanska what it is.   Thank you all.  I look forward to watching Skanska become even more successful.

Mike McNally
EVP Skanska AB / President & CEO Skanska USA