Core Competencies

Driven Piles
From Steam power through the introduction of the Junttan hydraulic pile driving rig, Underpinning has been the leader in driven piles for more than 100 years.  Currently, Underpinning has the most advanced fleet of hydraulic pile drivers in North America.  The variety of rigs and hammer sizes allows us to meet any challenge – low headroom, limited access or high-capacity piles.  Our engineering staff provides extensive value engineering through the use of higher capacity piles and optimized foundation elements.  It also allows for quick responses to field issues to reduce or eliminate down time.

Micropiles & Mini-Caissons
In the recent years there have been considerable improvements in the technology, equipment, and installation methods of micropiles.  These developments have dramatically increased the feasibility of micropiles and mini-caissons.  Where once they were an exotic, expensive foundation element, they have now become almost commonplace.  The micropile has certainly come a long way since its introduction in Italy.  If the project is low headroom, high-capacity, pressure-grouted, or rock-socketed, we can assist in determining and delivering the most cost-effective solution.

Drilled Shafts
Underpinning built on the success of hydraulic pile driving rigs with the introduction of hydraulic rotary drill rigs to New York.  The rigs and our value engineering have allowed Underpinning to help save millions of dollars over the last decade.  Through our experience and close relationship with the equipment’s manufacturer, we are able to best match the equipment, soil conditions, and drilling technique to the project’s requirements.  In keeping with our history of firsts, Underpinning performed the first rock socket Osterberg-cell load test in New York.

Secant Piles & Diaphragm Walls
In 2001, there had never been a secant pile wall installed in New York.  Through Underpinning’s international relationships the first secant pile wall was installed at Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn, NY.  Currently, secant piles are used in many deep excavations that would have been uneconomical or impractical using other support of excavation methods.  Our fleet of hydraulic drill rigs is equally adept at drilling secant piles as drilled shafts.  If the excavation exceeds the limits for secant piles, we will be glad to assist in the design and installation of a diaphragm wall.

Tiebacks, Shoring, Underpinning, & Marine Work
Underpinning & Foundation Skanska is one of America’s foremost deep-foundation specialists.  We offer a complete range of services from prime contracting to installation of conventional and high-capacity piling and underpinning.

Tie-backs, shoring, and full-scale marine undertakings are within our considerable capabilities.

Support of Excavation
It seems like one of the simplest things to do – dig a hole.  The trick is to keep the neighbors and utilities from falling into that hole.  Underpinning has been doing that for more than 100 years.  We install all types of support of excavation and underpinning, as our name would suggest.  From jet grouting to traditional underpinning pits, from soldier piles and lagging to sheet pile walls, Underpinning does it all.  We also offer design-build options.