Partner with Skanska

At Skanska, we deliver the best results by working together with our contractors as a team, as partners in business, during the building process and in the community. Together we are Thinking Ahead to achieve new heights.

Subs on Jobsite at BCBS

Skanska USA Building has a prequalification process to determine if companies possess the necessary experience, financial resources, and commitment to safety and quality to ensure good performance on our projects. By partnering with only the most qualified companies, Skanska can ensure that we deliver a high level of service to each of our clients.

Once your company is in our system, the Skanska team will be able to search the prequalification database and invite your company to bid on projects. To simplify the process, Skanska has a web application for subcontractors to complete. Start by filling out the inquiry form by clicking here to obtain a username and password with instructions for completing our prequalification form, and you’ll be on your way to partnering with Skanska.

Interested in becoming a Skanska USA Building Partner? Please click here.