Workplaces by Skanska

Skanska uses an inventive, sustainable and community-minded approach to develop working environments where tenants can thrive. We do our best to listen and understand how our tenants operate in order to generate the best solutions in the best locations. Our aim is to create value by offering workplaces that foster innovation and productivity while reducing risks.

Workplaces by Skanska

We offer the reliability of a self-financed company with a global portfolio and local expertise. Our financial capacity allows us the flexibility that is necessary to deliver space that is customized for our clients. We strive to make a positive impact on the communities we serve by contributing to urban development in connection with our buildings.

In all of our developments we pay extra attention to four focus areas; Place making, Green, Work Environment and Tenant Profitability.

Great places energize work.
Skanska is committed to building great places that contribute to the neighborhood and encourage people to connect with customers, co-workers and communities. Each location has its own potential to provide a dynamic exchange between business and private life. By understanding the specific needs for every business, we create desirable places for connection and commerce by focusing on developing innovative, creative and vibrant solutions.

A green strategy that goes beyond checking the boxes.
As cities grow, so do emissions. At Skanska we believe in developing a more sustainable society, and green building is a strategic step in that journey. We harness technologies that make buildings more resource-efficient, comfortable, healthy and better equipped to serve future needs as business grows and shifts, while also helping to mitigate the risks of rising energy costs. We believe this is the greatest service we can provide to the environment and to our customers.

Better business with the right working environment.
Our goal is to create innovative workplaces where businesses and people can flourish. A healthy and inspiring work environment stimulates creativity and collaboration, resulting in higher productivity. We believe in inventive solutions and attention to details. A great working environment reflects the values of a company and helps to attract and retain the best employees. By combining our experience with a listening approach, we can respond to market and tenant needs.

A workplace you can count on. Literally.
We are committed to the success of our customers and their ability to thrive in a competitive marketplace. Increasing our customers’ efficiency is the most effective way to ensure mutual success. We focus on how our customers serve their markets and clients to reach higher levels of profitability. Modern and innovative workplaces contribute to higher productivity, less sick leave and enhanced flexibility, helping businesses to meet future needs.