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Skanska in the US

Here you will find information about Skanska in the U.S., including our services, news and press, areas of expertise and career opportunities.


Our People

Skanska USA supports a robust network of BIM and VDC professionals who are committed to enhancing project planning, execution and delivery through the implementation of new technologies and innovative processes. Within this network is a core group of experts who are responsible for developing standards, training our staff, providing project support, sharing best practices and improving the way we work.

Empowering Project Teams

Skanska’s commitment to BIM as an everyday practice is exemplified in our comprehensive training program called the “College of VDC.” Our BIM and VDC related training courses range from an introductory level class to in-depth, hands-on training in specialty areas such as model building, design management, safety, and visualization. Our goal is to ensure all office and project-based personnel are trained as VDC users appropriate to their job functions. This includes knowledge of the applications and benefits of VDC as well as the BIM tools available and how to use them on the job.

Regional Contacts

Hal Jones

VDC Director
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 615 656 6931
E-mail Hal Jones »

Greg Smith

VDC Director
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 000 000 0000
E-mail Greg Smith »

Oliver Smith

VDC Director
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 404 946 7494
E-mail Oliver Smith »

Albert Zulps

VDC Director
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 617 574 1495
E-mail Albert Zulps »

Scott Albin

Vice President/General Manager
Skanska USA Civil Inc.
+1 812 464 7359
E-mail Scott Albin »

Nick Casella

CAD Manager
+1 951 368 6430
E-mail Nick Casella »

Bill Frye

CAD Technician
Skanska USA Civil Inc.
757 578 4104
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David Fellows

VDC Manager
+1 732 366 7059
E-mail David Fellows »

Madeleine Myers

Project Manager
Skanska Infrastructure Development AB
+1 703 340 1264
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