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From additions and renovations to building new sports facilities, the Sports Center of Excellence (COE) is equipped to provide our clients with state-of-the-art sports venue construction technology, best management practices, lessons learned and other services specialized for the sports industry in order to construct the best facilities possible. As one of the nation's largest sports builders, our services and worldwide resources give our clients the winning combination of cost certainty and the highest quality execution.

The Sports COE supports our local projects with unprecedented global sports expertise including:

Best practices and lessons learned
LEED® and sustainability review
Preconstruction cost modeling
Feasibility studies


Best Practices and Lessons Learned

The goal of the Sports COE is to construct sports facilities that provide our clients with the ultimate fan experience. To do this, we have developed a comprehensive database of lessons we've learned building dozens of stadiums across the world to meet the most diverse needs in the sports industry and make the most out of every sports project.

Skanska’s culture of learning and improvement drives us to constantly search for better methods of performing our work. New innovations, leading-edge concepts and best practices from Skanska’s sports projects across the globe are captured and shared by the Sports COE. With these tools the COE supports local project teams to ensure optimal quality, functionality, risk mitigation, speed-to-market and overall client satisfaction. From project conception to completion, we offer proactive solutions to project challenges specific to sports construction.

Lessons Learned on the Jobsite

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LEED® and Sustainability Review

At Skanska, we are committed to being more than the leading green builder. We continuously strive to be at the forefront of sustainable building methods and technology, and to foster a business culture that is committed to environmental stewardship. We recognize that the activities associated with our work not only impact our environment, but also that of future generations.

For more than two decades, Skanska has constructed several landmark LEED projects in the U.S. and overseas. As a leader in both sports construction and sustainable building practices, Skanska is well versed in high-performance, energy-efficient solutions and is dedicated to reducing energy and environmental impacts. Our in-house LEED specialists are able to determine where constructability, cost, and schedule overlay LEED credits; identify previously unrecognized credit opportunities; develop innovation credit possibilities; and work to meet or exceed LEED targets without adding cost. From feasibility through preconstruction and construction, to long-term operations and maintenance, Skanska is committed to providing customized, innovative and environmentally responsible solutions to support our client’s high performance building and LEED goals.

Sustainable Roofing

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Preconstruction Cost Modeling

Skanska recognizes that our team can make the most positive impact for our clients by participating in the early stages of the design and planning process. The most successful projects are thoroughly planned and proactively managed during the preconstruction phase. We provide comprehensive in-house preconstruction services performed by a multidisciplinary team including leaders in mechanical and electrical engineering, estimating, scheduling, planning and equipment coordination.

Skanska's preconstruction approach focuses on adding value to the project from the onset by providing detailed budgets, proactive tracking of scope and design changes, insightful constructability analysis, thorough planning, accurate scheduling and procurement management. We build detailed cost models for each project, enabling the entire project team to understand how program, geometry, and physical attributes impact the initial cost, long-term operating costs and project mission. Our commitment to comprehensive preconstruction yields better value to our clients through lower cost, faster delivery and the elimination of redundancy and waste throughout the design and construction process.

Skanska PreCon Teams Reviews Drawings

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Skanska's benchmarking services provide our clients with cost and efficiency metrics for their projects based on data from Skanska projects across the country. With our extensive database, we can quickly generate a list of Skanska projects that are similar to yours in terms of building type, building program, sustainability status and other physical attributes. These metrics save time and money by enabling our project teams to model costs of various design options, instead of spending additional design fees to study options and pricing each option on a case-by-case basis.

Skanska's benchmarking services are performed by seasoned experts who understand the complexities of data normalization and have conducted major cost analyses for numerous clients. Our team is dedicated to understanding the information that is important to our project stakeholders and committed to data integrity. Our experience has taught us how to best use our benchmarking data to enhance and enrich every client's decision-making process.

Sample Sports Benchmarking Study

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Feasibility Studies

Skanska regularly manages feasibility studies for proposed sports projects. Our clients provide us with a vision for a new facility or improvements to an existing facility without a finalized scope, schedule or budget. Skanska is then contracted to assemble the consultant team, determine the client’s “success criteria,” engage an architect in programming and schematic design, and model the costs of various development scenarios utilizing our experience, expertise and in-depth cost estimating resources. Often as a part of a feasibility study, Skanska will complete impact studies and design and implement extensive communications programs. Skanska’s depth of sports experience provides our clients with reliable data when they are in the early stages of planning for a potential sports project.

Skanska Employee Reviews Project Drawings

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