Our Services

Your data center is critical to the success of your business. We are committed to building world class data centers and efficient infrastructures that lower operational costs and give you a competitive edge.

Construction management
Our construction approach is proactive so your project runs smoothly and is delivered on time. We mitigate risk throughout the construction cycle by assessing situations, highlighting concerns and addressing them before they become costly or affect the project schedule. That translates not only to cost and schedule certainty, but also to a reliable and efficient facility, critical to long-term operational cost savings.

Expert In-house Commissioning
For data centers, planning the commissioning phase during preconstruction is crucial. We begin commissioning early in the project, partnering with you, the engineers and the commissioning agent to develop a comprehensive plan that streamlines the work flow during the commissioning process. We then excel in managing that plan throughout the construction process.

Live Data Center Construction and Upgrades
As your business grows, your data center often requires expansion and upgrades. Construction activities in and around an operating data center require a conscientious, highly focused and disciplined team. Our dedicated mechanical and electrical engineers, estimators and field personnel are proficient at working in sensitive live data center facilities. You can rest assure we will not disrupt your critical 24/7 operations and will treat your staff respectfully and professionally.

We have successfully completed millions of square feet in live data center projects around the world. Our construction services range from full fit-out to upgrading existing structures into fully resilient data centers. 

Sample Mission Critical Project

Modular Infrastructure:
Skanska is a global leader in modular, just-in-time construction. Our experience and thought leadership in this area have resulted in some of the most reliable, sustainable and quickly deployable infrastructure solutions available in the market.