Our People

Through the leadership of our National Lean Committee, we employ Lean principles and methods to encourage creative and collaborative thinking among employees, provide increased value to our customers, and promote continuous improvement by eliminating waste throughout our operations. The Committee is responsible for sharing lessons learned and best practices, building a Lean infrastructure that supports continuous improvement, training our people, and improving employee morale and work/life balance. Together, we pair the knowledge of our local markets with global best practices in Lean approaches to drive value and results for our clients and their stakeholders.

Executive and Vice Chairs

Kevin McCain

Senior Vice President/Account Manager
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 206 494 5436
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Michael Zeppieri

Director, VDC Services
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 617 574 1528
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Carmen Jordan

Senior Project Manager
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 206 494 5553
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National Lean Committee

Sherif Agha

Senior Scheduling Director
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 301 795 3184
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Jeanne Gambill

Project Executive
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 510 285 1828
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Tim Johnson

Senior Vice President - Account Manager
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 503 382 0938
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Amy Jones

Manager - Performance Improvement
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 615 656 6951
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Dale Kopnitsky

Vice President - Preconstruction
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1301 795 3172
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Ken Schell

Project Executive
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 267 470 1028
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Brian Winningham

Project Manager
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 713 401 5200
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