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Skanska in the US

Here you will find information about Skanska in the U.S., including our services, news and press, areas of expertise and career opportunities.


Facility Design & Consulting

PCI Skanska's Facility Design & Consulting group is passionate about improving the built environment through its complete lifecycle; protecting the safety and welfare of the public; and ultimately, improving the quality of life for our clients through design and management services. We are experienced, schedule-driven and committed to meeting the needs of our clients.

PCI Skanska Workers Review Renderings

Energy Savings
A properly conducted energy audit can provide the data needed to fully understand where energy goes and identify specific savings opportunities in a facility.  Some potential energy savings opportunities, such as adding insulation or installing office occupancy sensors, have local, state, and/or federal tax incentives.

PCI Skanska is committed to providing clients valuable information for reducing energy consumption and can tailor an audit to meet specific needs and/or budget from the most basic feasibility study to a detailed energy savings and financial analysis, through recommendations and implementation.

Facility Management
PCI Skanska focuses on the client's built environment during the occupancy, operations and asset management phases of a facility's life cycle. No matter the size of the project or complexity of the facility, PCI Skanska can provide total facility management solutions that require less time and resources to manage a company’s facility assets, allowing more time and resources to focus on other parts of the business.

Rendering of Steel Framed Building

Capital Planning
Buildings and supporting infrastructure are in a predictable state of deterioration. Over time and under normal conditions, roofs develop leaks, floor finishes become worn and equipment requires additional maintenance. As building components and supporting infrastructure approach the end of expected lifecycles, decisions must be made regarding when to repair or replace physical assets. PCI Skanska can assist in the development of long-range capital plans that  identify a facility's highest priority capital renewal and investment needs. Services range from comprehensive facility audits to a simple project development spreadsheet.

PCI Skanska provides services that assist clients with decision making to support their capital planning processes. These services range from comprehensive facility lifecycle audits to a simple project development spreadsheet to help forecast a project’s quarterly spending plan.