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Skanska in the US

Here you will find information about Skanska in the U.S., including our services, news and press, areas of expertise and career opportunities.


Quick Facts

Headquartered in New York, Skanska USA is one of the largest, most financially sound construction and development companies in the country with expertise in construction, civil infrastructure, public-private partnerships and commercial development initiatives in select U.S. markets.

Our history
• Incorporated in New York since 1971
• World-class construction and development operations
• Four business units operate in the U.S.: USA Building, USA Civil, Infrastructure Development and Commercial Development
• Offices in 33 metro areas across the country
• More than 10,000  U.S. employees working everyday
• More than 400 LEED® Accredited Professionals and more than 125 projects that have achieved or are seeking LEED certification
• 2nd largest building/manufacturing contractor by revenue (ENR)
• 3rd largest heavy contractor by revenue (ENR)
• Excellent safety record - in 2013 the average industry contractor had more than three lost time accidents for every one experienced at Skanska USA
Among the first U.S. construction firms to have all operations ISO 14001 certified

Our financial strength
• Revenue of $7.3 billion total U.S. revenue in 2014 representing one third of Skanska’s global revenue
• Strong bonding capacity of $7.5 billion

Our investment
• $1.5 million donated to local charitable initiatives in 2014
• More than 50 million man-hours in place annually

The values that define us - our Five Zeros
• Zero Accidents 
• Zero Ethical Breaches 
• Zero Environmental Incidents 
• Zero Losing Projects 
• Zero Defects