In May 2015, we completed our 11th annual Skanska Safety Week, and our second industry-wide Safety Week, where we once again partnered with more than 40 companies. Safety Week is designed to generate face-to-face conversations to help transform perceptions about how the construction industry approaches safety. It has become more than just a week of events and training; it’s a vehicle to ignite change. With our open dialogue and actionable initiatives, we are at the forefront of instilling an industry-wide safety culture, and our message of an Injury-Free Environment is reaching thousands of our partners, clients, subcontractors and even our competitors.

SW 2015 Poster

This year, our theme was “Plan for Today,” with an emphasis on engaging craft workers instead of a top-down approach.  Whether a worker has been in the industry for 30 years or 30 days, changing site conditions mean that planning for the day’s work is always different. We had incredible coverage through various media outlets, social networking sites, and blogs.  Our outreach effort reached millions, including more than 6,000 blog page views. Each piece of coverage highlighted our industry’s positive and proactive focus on safety, and in many cases highlighted the great initiatives and programs specifically at Skanska.

Click here to watch a short Fox News 5 video clip of Skanska Safety Week.

Health and Wellness talk

Health and Wellness talk at American University

Hand Protection talk

Hand Protection talk at American University

What Safety Means at Skanska

Injury-Free Environment (IFE)

For over ten years, Skanska has been committed to providing an injury free environment. IFE is more than safety. It is a culture of care and concern for people, which encourages everybody to accept responsibility for their own and their colleagues’ well-being. The aim is to engage with the entire workforce so that we look out for one another to ensure that everyone returns home from work safely to their family and friends. IFE creates a mindset intolerant of any incident or injury, not compromised by cost or schedule. IFE Training is compulsory for our employees and subcontractors, with regular refresher training to refocus on our commitment to our IFE culture.

IFE Orientation Training held at the American University East Campus Project.                   

IFE Orientation Training held at the American University East Campus Project

Skanska Safety Innovations:

Pre-Task Plans: A key aspect of Skanska’s safety program is daily pre-task planning, a specific time set aside before work begins each morning. Each work crew identifies the day’s tasks, the risks associated with those tasks, and the steps each worker needs to take to avoid those risks. The discussion of daily work plans is vital in order to keep all members of management and craft workers aware and alert to constantly changing site conditions and possible hazards.

Stretch and Flex: Stretch and Flex exercises are warm up exercises conducted on all Skanska jobs and all Skanska offices across the country on a daily basis. This morning routine is conducted to reduce injuries on the jobsite but equally important is the camaraderie it promotes between specific trades on projects and, ultimately, is a daily reminder to put safety first.

Flash Reports Generated for Loss Time Incidents: Skanska truly believes that through training and educating the workforce we can reduce or eliminate the number of incidents that occur on our projects. One example of this is through Safety Flash Reports that are generated for any loss time incident that occurs in the United States. These reports are distributed to all offices, projects and subcontractors. Through the misfortune on a loss time incident, Skanska uses this as a “Lessons Learned” opportunity.

Mentoring Subcontractors: The Skanska IFE culture offers us an opportunity to teach our subcontractors our Environmental, Health and Safety philosophies. This is vital for success on each of our projects and is achieved through many different avenues. Some of these entail having a global event called “Safety Week” where each jobsite has different training sessions on a daily basis to teach employees working on our projects a variety of topics, IFE training is offered to all subcontractors, stretch and flex being conducted at each jobsite on a daily basis and the sharing of Flash Reports are a few of many ways Skanska has committed to mentoring our subcontractors.