Seattle Sustainability

Skanska’s approach to sustainability goes beyond green buildings. What we build is just as important as the way we build it. From our ISO 14001-certified environmental program, to the way we seek to involve local labor and subcontractors on our projects, Skanska aims to support the full triple bottom line of sustainability. We believe we can do business in ways that help ensure a thriving Puget Sound region for generations.

Bertschi School

When it comes to green building, we’re one of the region’s leading green builders. With 40 LEED accredited professionals in Seattle, we strive to be at the leading edge of sustainable building methods and technology and foster a business culture that is committed to environmental stewardship. Skanska works as a member of the project team from the earliest phases of preconstruction to explore energy-efficient options and environmentally responsible solutions that provide the best initial and lifecycle values. On the construction site, safety, recycling and procurement initiatives reflect our commitment to the triple bottom line of sustainability. For our clients, this commitment translates to the delivery of customized, innovative and affordable green building solutions that meet their functionality and business goals. We know that building today really means building to support tomorrow.

Bertschi School

Bertschi School Science Classroom Addition

The Bertschi School Living Science building, located in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, is the first project in the world built to the Living Building Challenge (LBC) v2.0 criteria and in an urban setting.

Skanska was part of an integrated team called the Restorative Design Collective (RDC), founded in 2009 by KMD Architects to raise awareness for the LBC program. The entire design team performed the project pro-bono for the non-profit school.

To earn LBC certification, the building’s energy performance must be monitored for 12 months. As part of these compliance requirements, students are monitoring performance by tracking the water level in cisterns and the power generated by PV panels. In addition, the project was developed with input from Bertschi students, who dreamt up some of the building’s most striking features. An exposed glass-covered “runnel” that carries harvested rainwater under the classroom floor was derived from an idea a student had for a river running through the building.

Bertschi School

The 1,200-SF Living Building Science Wing allows the school to expand upon current components of the science curriculum, such as rainwater harvesting and solar energy. In addition, students learn about passive ventilation, net-zero water and net-zero energy consumption, concepts intrinsic to building a sustainable future.

Bertschi School has received numerous accolades and awards, including:

  • AIA National CAE Educational Facility Design Award 2012
  • AIA Seattle What Makes It Green 2012
  • USGBC Best of Green Schools 2012
  • ED+C Excellence in Design 2012
  • NAIOP Private Education Development of the Year 2012
  • Sustainable Buildings Industry Council Beyond Green High Performance Building 2011
  • Design and Build with FSC Award 2011
  • Washington Association of Landscape Architecture 2011
  • American General Contractors Alliant Build America Award 2011