We want California to thrive for generations. Skanska combines responsible behavior and specific business offerings to deliver solutions to our clients and communities that help them endure. Through strategic counseling and implementation, we help clients conserve natural resources, including water, carbon, energy and materials and our own operations reflect this environmental mind-set. We also seek to support economic health and social equity.

Our mission is to leave California’s cities better than we find them and to make a meaningful difference in society as active, responsible citizens in each of the communities where we live and work. Our local office and project teams take part in a variety of community service activities every year, donating everything from dollars to labor. In 2012, Skanska USA contributed more than $1.4 million along with significant volunteer hours to the communities in which we live and work.

We are a safety leader continuously striving to realize our vision of an Injury-Free Environment®, where everyone makes ensuring safety for themselves and those around them a personal obligation. Skanska empowers all employees –regardless of role or title – to stop work at any time if they are concerned about safety and our executives conduct more than 1,200 formal safety inspections on our projects every year. Skanska also orchestrates the world’s largest workplace safety campaign with its annual Safety Week. The program has yielded results: the industry has more than five lost-time incidents for every one Skanska experiences.

Our clients need to know work is done right the first time. Ensuring that we deliver top quality results on all our projects is essential. It saves our clients – including many public agencies – money and time due to less need for re-work and changes. In support of this effort, our employees continuously innovate for the benefit of our customers and communities, transforming the way the construction industry approaches problems and solutions. New construction methods, such as design-build and integrated project delivery, are enabling our California team to work more efficiently than ever in support of our clients and the people they serve.

Skanska promotes ethical business practices, fair treatment of all employees and a committment to creating safe, healthy workplaces. Employees are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct and can call an anonymous hotline if they believe there is a breach of the code. Our commitment to zero ethical breaches is part of Skanska’s Five Zeros, a set of values that define our operations, which also include zero accidents, zero environmental incidents, zero loss-making projects and zero defects.

Our outreach programs from the Bay Area to the Inland Empire have helped California-based subcontractors develop their businesses. We also mentor women-, minority-  and veteran-owned businesses through project engagement and ongoing relationships. Additionally, we promote a culture of inclusion to provide an environment that values all employees, subcontractors and partners. We launched our Diversity and Inclusion Week in 2013 to emphasize this commitment to diverse teams.