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Skanska in the US

Here you will find information about Skanska in the U.S., including our services, news and press, areas of expertise and career opportunities.



Northern California Contacts

Skanska USA Building

Len Vetrone

Co Chief Operating Officer
Skanska USA Building Inc.
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John McKernan

Vice President - Account Manager
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 510.285.1820
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Julie Hyson

Sr. Business Development Director
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 510 285 1815
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Raul Rosales

Senior Vice President/Account Manager
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 213 694 3642
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Brian Thomas

Senior Vice President - Operations
Skanska USA Building Inc.
+1 510 285 1884
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Skanska USA Civil

Brian Stieritz

Executive Vice President
Skanska USA Civil Inc.
+1 303 898 7314
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Tony Taddeo

Senior Vice President of Operations
+1 5102851809
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