The more we make good decisions, such as sourcing the most environmentally responsible materials and diverting waste from landfills, the more we reduce our impact on natural resources. With a growing population, we need to preserve our supply of natural resources in order to ensure the ability to grow.

Energy - Our strategy is to reduce energy usage in both our processes and final products.

- On projects, Skanska aims to mitigate our impacts of resource use, as well as influence that of our supply chain. We want to minimize carbon in construction activities and embodied in materials, focusing on how we build.

Materials - We aim to achieve “zero waste in our construction processes.” (Zero Hazardous Materials, Skanska Restricted Substance List).

- Skanska is aware of the major contributions the construction industry can make to reduce water consumption. Our aim is to maximize water use efficiency by minimizing the use of potable water in construction work and to work to influence the water efficiency of the projects we build.

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