Partner with Skanska

At Skanska, we deliver the best results by working together with our contractors as a team, as partners in business, during the building process and in the community. Together we are Thinking Ahead to achieve new heights.

As a qualified contractor partners, you will have access to our secure Partner Portal.  From there, you can access the following exclusive features and more:

·         Online Planroom - DFS Online Planroom offers access to all available project plans and documents. 

·         Preconstruction Calendar - This calendar lists all preconstruction activities expected or currently underway in Skanska's construction departments.

·         IFE Information - Injury Free Environment (IFE) overview and updates.

·         Office Updates - Office updates regarding news, events that have happened in or near your local Skanska offices. 

·         Office Contacts - Provides a listing of key office contracts in the event you need further information or have information to share. 

Interested in becoming a Skanska USA Building Partner?
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