Karen HeadshotTitle: Duputy Project Director        
Location: Silverdale, WA
Hometown: Merrick, New York
Education: BS Civil Engineering, Lafayette College

What do you like most about working at Skanska?
The opportunity to work on diverse and challenging projects with great people.

What has been your favorite Skanska project thus far and why?
We built seven “Peaker” Power Plants for the New York Power Authority in the five boroughs and on Long Island in nine months. The pace was crazy, the jobs worked 24/7. Every day was exciting and we never knew what new challenge would present itself. We had a great team that worked together and supported each other. I think I learned and grew the most in that nine month period.

What Skanska outreach initiatives have you taken part in?
I am currently leading the first USA Civil ACE Mentorship Team and have also been involved in other high school outreach programs speaking to students about our business and career opportunities in construction especially for women.

What do you like best about the Skanska culture?
The 5 zeros.