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Skanska in the US

Here you will find information about Skanska in the U.S., including our services, news and press, areas of expertise and career opportunities.


We are a people company

Our competitive advantage lies in attracting, developing and retaining the best people. A key component for success is our ability to offer an inclusive work culture that allows everyone to contribute to their full potential.

Societies are changing and we must stay in tune with those changes.

Diversity & Inclusion 2020

We aim to mirror the diversity in society on all levels of our organization.

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Building Better Communities

Skanska, along with its community partners, are building better communities through various outreach initiatives.

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The Skanska Women’s Network

Check out how our Skanska’s Women Network is making a difference in our industry.

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Equal Employment Opportunities and Affirmative Action

Our goal is to foster a positive environment for all employees based on respect, trust and mutual communication.

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